Rush Poker at Full Tilt and Data-Mining


Well there was a surprise update today at full tilt poker and okay that’s nothing new, but this one included a new game called Rush Poker. One thing you can say what full tilt poker and that is they are always thinking about new ways to keep poker players interested and excited about playing.

Rush poker adds an element of speed to single table play of no limit Texas hold’em cash games whereby you are immediately transported to a new table every time you fold your hand. This is done instantly, allowing you to play hundreds of hands per hour. Now this is not turbo speed like you would have seen in tournaments, this is more physically changing the makeup of your table allowing you to engage in as many hands as you’re comfortable with. The faster you fold your hand, the faster you get to see your next hand สล็อตออนไลน์888.

The way the software allows you to do this, is by placing you amongst the pool of players who were also waiting for the next time to start. This means you can be put in any position, and be facing any combination of any players that are active in the pool at that moment. Truly an interesting concept here, and full tilt should be commended for their forward thinking, which has really kept them as the leaders in the online poker market at least as far as features go.

The only time I found that I had to wait in this game was when I was in the big blind, and that basically meant that I had to wait for somebody to raise or just check fold to me. Pretty much any other position you can glance at your hand, click full or quick fold, and you’re off to another table.

Alright so it’s fun, action-packed, and demands your considerable concentration, but what about 3rd party tracking software? I was using Hold’em Indicator on first visit to these tables and used the odds display, but since your table and opponents change every hand, there was no profiling going on whatsoever. In addition, Full Tilt does not allow observers at these tables, so there won’t be any easy way to data mine statistics for programs like Poker Tracker, Hold’em Manager or Poker Edge. You are just going to be playing these straight-up on card strength and the betting patterns of that very hand you are in.

So if you eliminate profiling from this game, there will be other rules of engagement in order to stay profitable. Of course Full Tilt Poker is just going to rake in much more well, rake. But if you can focus for a couple of hours you could be seeing as many as 1000 hands. I could see playing tight solid aggressive could be working under the circumstances, but I also noticed a lot of blind stealing going on here. Players already sort of trying to take advantage of the fact that players and the blinds might not even be there and they can tell because they’re on auto fold and they’re already sitting at another table looking at another hand.

It’s going to be interesting to see what games and buy-in levels Full Tilt expands this to and how popular it’s going to be with players. Nonetheless, another industry-leading innovation from full tilt poker.