Loose Aggressive Poker – The Biggest Myth About This Poker Style

There is a massive myth about this style that dupes players and makes them lose all their money. Don’t be a victim. Find out more now.

Fact: A loose aggressive poker strategy is the best strategy for making more money faster.
Fact: All the top poker stars, the online poker millionaires – the real winners – mostly utilise a loose aggressive strategy.
Fact: Most players who try to play loose aggressive poker wind up losing a bunch of money, looking stupid and give up frustrated and poor.

But you don’t have to be a victim. If you have tried to play loose aggressive poker in the past and didn’t really succeed, or in other words you lost your whole stack, don’t worry because it’s not your fault. It’s because you got fed this ‘common knowledge’ that is actually incorrect. This one gets all new players no matter where they come from Online betting malaysia.

It’s starts out with the age old conversation.

Newbie – ‘How come you always get dealt good cards?’
Pro – ‘What do you mean?’
Newbie – ‘You’re in every pot, you always have great pockets!’
Pro – ‘I don’t always have great pockets…’
Newbie – ‘What?’
Pro – ‘I play with bad hole cards. It’s called loose.’
Newbie – ‘Isn’t that stupid. You will lose wont you?’
Pro – ‘Well I bet big to counteract it. I scare the competition to fold. You were folding right? That’s the secret, you play whatever cards you get and bet big to scare you opponents’

The Biggest Myth About This Style

You can just play any cards and you will win as long as you bet big.

This has been perpetuated for a few reasons:

1- People winning with shocking cards because they bet big and thinking that was all that was required to win. They are only looking at the single hand and not the whole game.
2- Poker pros winning with shocking hands and everyone thinking they can do it too.
3- People on forums posting up crazy wins they made with shocking cards and attributing betting big to this. Again, they fail to leave out the whole story, the whole game, and just focus on that one single hand.

The thing is, with a correct loose aggressive poker strategy you can actually play very poor cards and you will win these hands by betting aggressively. But these are the real trump hands and they don’t happen every single time.

The only way you will ever get these to succeed consistently is by playing solid poker, building a reputation, being in tune with the game and the other players and identifying and exploiting opportunities when they come up.

You can’t just sit down, decree ‘deal me in’, get dealt anything, bet massively and win miraculously.

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