Dryer Vent Cleaning In The Commercial Environment


Commercial dryer vent cleaning is a little different than residential work. The dryer exhaust systems are larger and made of metal by code. Where as the residential dryer ducts are sometimes made of metal but a lot of times they are made of vinyl or flex material. When cleaning a commercial unit we use a process called a rotary whip cleaning.

This method of cleaning is by far the most effective method of cleaning exhaust systems for both dryers and air ducts. Of course in Air ducts we introduce a machine called a negative air machine, But we will save that for a different article.

A rotary whip consists of a metal snake and at one end a brush head is affixed. On the other side of the whip is an attachment that you can place in the chuck of a drill.

Using this tool requires the hands of 2 men. One person arms the drill and the other person feeds the whip head end into the ductwork. Both men working together make sure that the whip stays straight other wise it will spin up due to the massive amount of torque this system creates and hurt the workers Dryer vent cleaning.

To gain access for the whip to enter the duct work small circular holes are cut with a metal circular cutting bit 1 and 1/2 inch holes are all that is required. After the cleaning these holes are plugged with black plugs made of plastic that are made for this specific purpose.

After the first cleaning the holes will of course will already be pre drilled so subsequent cleanings will be performed much quicker.

When we put the drill in forward position and squeeze the trigger it pushes the lint forward while agitating and build up at the same time.

When we put the drill in reverse position and squeeze the trigger it pulls the lint back wards. We use this process of pushing and pulling the lint to remove all the build up dryer lint in the system. You would be shocked at how quick and efficient, well trained people using this method can clean any commercial dryer vent system. I personally have cleaned a commercial laundry mat with over 72 dryer exhausts in less than 4 hours using this method.

For the record I cleaned every inch of that duct work in that short time. You should know I am the best and it will probably take most men a little longer than it took me. my point is this is the best method of cleaning dryer duct work and is the reason I use this method!

Jason Sadur


Done Right Hood Cleaning Inc.


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